Here are a few terms you should know about your sunglasses. Read on to see our complete list in our Sunglasses Glossory of Terms, or "Sunglossory".

Acetate - a synthetic material composed mainly of cellulose, commonly 
used in sunglasses for it’s greater sensitivity to high temperatures during shaping, while also known for having greater strength when cold or wet.

Bridge - The area between lenses or area over the nose connecting the two lenses. normally expressed in (mm).

CR39 lens - an optical quality plastic made of hard resin, it is considered the best plastic for lenses. It weights half as much as glass and exceeds FDA requirements for impact-resistance by 500%.

Gradient or fade - A tint that is applied to lenses, making the top portion of the lens darker than the bottom. many standard soda sunglasses lenses have a gradient, which provides greater clarity and enhanced vision.

Handmade - process by which acetate sunglasses are made, referring to the hand tooling and polishing required to create the high end finished product. 

See our complete list on our Sunglossory of Sunglass terms here: http://www.sodasunglasses.com/sunglossory.html

Ouch! Take care of your Sunglasses
We will provide some simple advice that you can use to take care of your sunglasses.

By following a few simple steps you can be sure that your sunglasses will last for many years. You can also get optimal performance and unparalleled vision improvement and safety.

Lens Care and Cleaning for Safety

Keep in mind that you need to be gentle with all forms of eye wear. A dirty lens is a common occurrence and can be routinely cleaned by breathing on it and rubbing with a microfiber cloth. Your breath will act as a cleaning solution that protects the lens from scratching. Do not rub the lens on a cloth without some form of moisture or you risk scratching the surfaces. If your lenses have been stuffed in your glove box for a couple months and there is visible build up on them, then you will need to take more drastic measures. This can include various chemicals or warm water depending on the material the frame is made of.

For everyday glass or plastic lenses, a soak in warm water usually is good to accelerate the dirt removal process. Or you can add a couple of drops of dish washing soap to get the stubborn materials. you have satisfactorily cleaned your glasses, Afterwards, I like to use a screen cleaner to really polish them up. I use the same one that I clean my flat screen TV and lap top computers with. It is also safe for lenses with an anti-reflective coating. 

Everyone should also have a set of small screw drivers or a typical sunglass repair kit. If your temples feel loose, you will be amazed what a simple tightening of the screws will do for the fit!.

By inspecting your sunglasses and doing routine upkeep, you can prevent grime and grease build up in the first place. 

Thanks for reading this article and I hope you enjoy your sunglasses for years to come.

For more helpful hints about sunglass care and maintenance and how to protect your eyes, look up Soda at www.sodasunglasses.com

Big and Colorful Sunglasses in 2013
The hottest trend for 2013 is Sunglasses of course! If you are in the market for new and stylish sunglasses in 2013? Round, large, mirrored, adorned in jewels; these are some of the Spring 2013 trends. 

WHEN CONSIDERING 2013 SUNGLASS TRENDS, go for styles that stand out instead of blend in. Bright, fresh, and even candied-tone colors are in for 2013. Love the hue? You can get a pair to match any outfit, every day of the week. Also, think BOLD SUNGASSES. Go for a pair that breaks the norm, and check out the ones that have a sharp shape, catchy rims, or maybe a bit of flare at the edges. Large Oversized UV sunglasses are not just for senior citizens anymore, they can be seen all over the runways from Chanel to Dior to Marc Jacobs. Don't be scared this year, express yourself!

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Gisele Bündchen in aviator sun glasses.
It doesn’t matter who your favorite celebrity is, you can rest assured they will be sporting some awesome shades you can copy. For example, if models are what you love and you want to show the world you follow Gisele's style, you need to look at what SODA has to offer HERE.

She has been seen wearing the very cool and retro aviator overshaped frames from this premiere designer. They have been a staple with a few of the top names in entertainment for some time now since they hide a lot of the face from photographers.

There are those styles that never really go away but still get a real bump in stature when they get spotted on today’s big stars. Aviator models first got some recognition back in the WWII when pilots used them to cut the glare on missions. Tom Cruise has been sporting them for several years now and Simon Cowell has recently been spotted with them on too. These are basic, practical and cool and companies like Ray Ban have been making relatively inexpensive versions for years now.

There still are some practical decisions that go together with the celebrity sunglasses models that you are sorting through. Taking a moment or two to make sure the fit is right will add to your enjoyment of the type you pick in the end. If you look for a wrapped frame, for example, there is more room to fit a variety of different head and face types. This curve allows for a more comfortable fit.

The Aviator style isn’t just for men. With an alluring redish orange tint and some intricate designs on the temples, Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted in wearing a feminine version of what was once thought to be a style just for the guys.

SODA SUNGLASSES presents the collection contains new sunglasses and spectacle frames that combine a casual yet elegant design with functional quality at the highest level. The Mercedes star is the central element adorning the sides of every Mercedes-Benz frame. The classy 3D effect is achieved through a number of intricate production steps, some of which are carried out by hand. This gives every pair of glasses in the collection the characteristic Mercedes-Benz look.
Developed by Mercedes-Benz in cooperation with Rodenstock, the collection covers a broad range of designs, from young and fashionable to comfortable and elegant all the way to exclusive and luxurious. In addition to these, the models of the Mercedes-Benz Eyewear Drivers Edition have been specially developed for long drives. With the exception of models in the shield style, all sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses.
Mercedes-Benz glasses are subject to the same rigorous testing and quality checks as the company’s car production. When creating frames for glasses, quality management starts long before the actual production process, just as it would do for vehicles. 

source http://www.morfae.com/mercedes-benz-eyewear-collection-spring-summer-2012/

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. --Burglars stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sunglasses from Daytona Beach company Costa Del Mar, police said. The haul included many girls eyewear and available to buy sun glasses from this seasons hottest frames.

Police think two or three burglars spent several hours in the company's factory on Mason Avenue on Sunday night. They said the burglars disabled alarms, door key pads, telephones and security cameras.

The president of the local sunglass company, which is the nation's fourth largest sport sunglass manufacturer, spoke off-camera with WESH 2's Claire Metz about the theft.

The company president said his staff of 125 kept business as usual Tuesday, producing the company's big-selling shades. Costa Del Mar sunglasses range in price from $130 to $300.

The burglars may have used a semi tractor-trailer to move the valuable merchandise, police said. The burglars took off with 12 pallets worth of sunglasses.

The stolen merchandise is estimated to cost between $500,000 and $1 million, according to investigators.

The folks at Costa Del Mar are still trying to tally the total loss, but say the stolen sunglasses were specifically for Cabela's Sporting Goods. Police can only speculate where the shady suspects will unload the merchandise.

Police told WESH 2 that another high-end sunglass manufacturer, a competitor of Costa Del Mar in New York, had a similar burglary two weeks ago and lost much of its inventory. It is unclear if the two thefts are related.
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Pulling double-duty during the course of the day, Rachel Bilson closed out her Fashion's Night Out by attending the Sunglass Hut celebration in New York City on Friday night (September 10).
Held at the Sunglass Hut Flagship shop, the Suno clad former "OC" star looked as happy as can be as she tried on a few new pairs of shades while mingling with fellow guests.  As previously reported by GossipCenter, Miss Bilson was busy earlier in the day launching the sunglass brand's Full Time Fabulous event.
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After nearly 70 days of being trapped in the bowels of the earth, the rescue efforts of 33 Chilean miners have been quite a draw for media outlets around the world. Coverage of the rescue has dominated nearly every news channel. With more than 1,500 journalists from 39 countries having flocked to Chile to witness and record the event, it’s not hard to see why. And due to the fact that the miners have not been exposed to natural light in more than two months, you will be hard pressed to find a media outlet that does not address the challenge they face with readjusting to natural light.

Oakley sunglasses to the rescue.

The U.S. sunglass manufacturer, with three stores in the Chicago area, donated specially designed sunglasses for each miner to wear upon his reemergence. At a value of $180 each for 35 pairs, the donation hardly broke the bank, and the media value of this publicity is unmatched. According to Front Row Analytics in an analysis commissioned by CNBC, the value of publicity is approximately $41 million in TV mentions alone. This doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of references online, in print and on the radio.

Not bad for an investment of less than $6,500.

Some critics are now questioning whether the donations were genuine charitable donations or an attempt to capitalize on the misfortune of the miners. Because the miners were at risk for permanent damage to their retinas, eye protection was a necessity, not a fashion statement. And because Oakley sunglasses are scientifically engineered -- in this case with Plutonite lenses that filter UV rays to protect the eyes of high-performance individuals -- the donation made perfect sense.

Someone had to protect their eyes -- why couldn’t it be Oakley?

Selfless act or bold marketing move -- it really doesn’t matter. It’s likely that it was a little bit of both. The fact is, Oakley saw a worthwhile opportunity and seized the moment.

That’s creative marketing and publicity at its finest