Jeremy Scott designed this cool pair of sunglasses....
Mirrored sunglasses, also known as mirror shades, are simple sunglasses with mirrors on them, are the perfect cover for your eyes. With these on, you can see everything clearly but no one is privy to what is going on in your mind because your eyes are well hidden. That’s why mirrored lens sunglasses were ever very popular as girls eyewear or with police officers in the US. This earned them the popular nickname ‘cop shades’. The cherry on the cake is the way these shades make you look – cool, mysterious and totally in control! Mirrored lens sun glasses have been going in and out of fashion, do you own sun glasses like these?.

Well, how such kind of sun glasses a mirrored effect? There are several types of thickening elements: gold, silver or even copper metallic mirror glaze applied coatings on the surface of a fully smoke tinted lens. When finished, these lenses can offer you greater UV protection compared to ordinary lens with ordinary tint. This is the process by which manufacturers produce mirrored lens sunglasses. International pilots in their mirrored lens aviator sunglasses were featured in many international fashion magazines that resulted in the aviator mirrored lens sun glasses becoming the earliest style of eye wear in fashion.Morever,mirrors have been making their presence felt on sunglasses for quite some time now. Although mirrored lens sunglasses are rather expensive when compared to ordinary sunglasses, they can be depended upon to greatly reduce the glare from sun at higher elevation. Pilots flying at higher altitudes would usually use mirrored lens sun glasses as protection from the intense glare of the sun. In fact, this is one of the ways in which these sunshades became so popular. Mirrored sunglasses have a remarkable glare reduction capacity of 10 to 60 per cent when compared to ordinary sun glasses. These sun glasses also come in a variety of colors. The yellow and blue tints enhance visibility. They can be very beneficial to your eyes.

Who wouldn’t look cool wearing mirrored shades? Athough the style can sometimes fade away in favor of some other forms of eye wear but they always pop up somehow to reclaim their seat in the fashion industry. There is no doubt, aviator and mirrored lens sunglasses are both icons in the eye wear fashion.
Silver Lining Opticians, known for the finest in vintage sunglasses and independent contemporary eyeglass brands recently spent some time with Kerin Rose of A-Morir, one of the few people I think doing anything notable in the new sunglasses game.  My favorite is still the Barracuda, but by the looks of it, some of the yet to be released looks pretty amazing.
More than any other celebrity today, Lady Gaga sure knows how to make a statement. She is a veritable fashion chameleon. You simply never know what this singer will show up in next. Whether it is a bubble wrap dress or an outfit made of feathers, the world is always waiting on pins and needles to see what sort of creation Lady will be wearing each time she steps out in public. One of the ways that the singer shows her unique sense of style is through her innovative accessorizing. In particular, Lady Gaga sunglasses become pieces of art when paired with her creatively put together outfits. Seeing the potential for her chosen pairs of eyewear, many people are now interested in buying styles from her favorite brands in order to get the same look that so many go gaga over! Rarely seen without a pair of eyewear, Gaga has also been spotted in a number of styles from the fashion power-house Bvlgari. Of course, the eyewear she chooses from this popular company always comes in a unique shape to complement her quirky style. However, what is probably her most notable pair to date are the white-rimmed Carrera sunglasses she wore for her “Bad Romance” video. This highly-recognized pair is a classic aviator style, but with a twist. Summing up the style of Lady Gaga sunglasses is virtually impossible, as her looks are always as unique as the rock star herself.
Lady GaGa in Versace
Have you ever wondered where those cool big lenses and signature frame originated from? Maybe you are a little curious as to how aviation shades have gotten so big in recent years?

The shades we know today were first created way back in 1936 by none other than Ray Ban. The reason they are known as “aviator sunglasses” is because they were developed specifically for pilots back in 1936. Pilots needed a good pair of anti glare sunglasses, and Ray Ban’s design satisfied this requirement perfectly.

The design that Ray Ban came up with was actually modeled directly from the goggles being worn by the U.S. military at the time. Since the aviator’s debut, they have remained largely unchanged in design and are still standard issue for military pilots the world over.
The classic Soda Aeronautica in brushed gold.
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Who doesn’t want to keep up the latest fashion trend?Designer sunglasses,as a fashion typical symbol,who doesn’t want to know what is the latest trends of them? You may know there is a constant demand for bigger and bolder looks from celebrities who need to hide their identities in a public place. And the majority that follows the celebrities obviously demands variety in bigger frames and lenses. This is the reason why you’ll see a whole range of retro sunshades from every major brand, like Gucci, Oakley, D&G, and Police. In this regard, aviators have ruled the roost since their launch by Ray Ban in 1930s. Even today, the latest sunglass trends have aviator sunglasses among top 3 most popular styles among style icons.The aficionados range from the lovers of past and futuristic sunglasses

Shield sunglasses that are known for their trademark single-piece lens for both the eyes. The wraparound shield sunshades definitely add to the style, especially if you have a round face. If you are a keen observer of the latest sunglasses trends, you must have noticed the experimentation with different colors and the combination of colors when it comes to lenses. It’s not that the designers are blindly innovating with the colors. The demand for different colored lenses immediately shoots up when a new model is launched in the market.

The craze for retro sunglasses represents the fashion designers getting inspired by the looks and style of 60s and 80s, while the trendier and jazzier models in every style signify the experimentation and innovation from the designers. The latest sunglasses trends points towards the direction of an amalgam of past and modern looks.In order to keep up to the latest sunglasses trends , you must be prepared to spend good sum of money, or if you are an astute style aspirant, replica sunglasses offer both quality and affordability, along with easy availability online.

If you’re tired of the conventional sunglasses shape then here’s one that will challenge your fashion sense. The Moschino Heart Shaped Sunglasses is not an ordinary pair of sunglasses and that’s evident with the shape alone. This may be the reason why material Girl Madonna chose this pair of sunglasses for her Sticky and Sweet concert tour in London.

Getting your hands on the Moschino Heart Shaped Sunglasses will however be quite a challenge as most of the women out there who are following Madonna’s lead are looking for the same pair. Expect the Moschino special edition to come out soon but be there when it becomes available or else you may have to scour the whole of Ebay to get this shape.

On the other hand, if you’re already feeling the economic crunch then use the power of you fingers to look for a similar pair not necessarily with the Moschino brand. But that too, would require some effort.