With summer coming to a close and back to school upon us, many might think it will soon be time to stuff those flip flops back in the closet and tuck away the sunglasses until the sun returns next spring. But don't be so hasty. There are benefits to wearing those stylish shades all year round.

In some climates, it can be obvious that girls eyewear are needed all year round, especially in southern regions of the United States where it stays warm most of the year, but what about the northern half of the country? Do we need to buy sun glasses too? The answer is yes, we do. Our earth is tilted on an axis as it makes its way around our sun and the resulting oblong orbit is what give us seasons. While during the cooler seasons, it seems there is less sun and less UVB rays there really are plenty. During the fall, winter and spring months, even when there is cloud cover, plenty of UVB rays still make it through. They can even be concentrated or reflected by the clouds intensifying the effect. Winter can be especially hazardous to our delicate eyes when there is snow on the ground. Snow makes the perfect reflector for UVB rays and at higher elevations we are even closer to the sun and bombarded with even more of its rays.

The cooler seasons of the year may call for a change in sunglass style. Something a little harder wearing, perhaps, to repel the wind and rain. When you buy sun glasses, ones with a lighter tint, but with all the UVB protection is also a good choice to make seeing in lower light easier. Girls eyewear